Waterworks/ Water filters

We deliver sand to water filters

Construction materials

To the construction industry

We deliver sand for construction materials.

Sports sand

For every conceivable purpose

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For all types of sandblasting

We offer all kinds of sand for sandblasting

Large stock of sand

Our​ administration,​ dry stock ​and​ sand laboratory are placed in the middle of  our ​impressive ​gravel pit. 

Look inside ​and​ see​ what ​products we are passionate about.

Believe me - it is much ​more ​than ​just sand​.

​We deliver sand to the water supply and filter system. It is important to be aware of what you put into your filter - good quality can be felt in the economy when the financial statements are made by the end of the year.

Our expertise and experience in the supply of sand to the construction industry is incomparable. In this area we master 

a great flexibility and can deliver in carefully measured doses- after agreement. We deliver according to your wish.

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