Sand for sandboxes

​Sandbox sand is Dana Quartz which is washed and free of microorganism and other impurities such as clay etc.

Dansk Kvarts Industri A/S can deliver all over Denmark from day to day with the exception of islands not connected to mainland by bridge which takes 2 days instead.

​The sand meets the requirements specified by the Danish Technological Institute in order to become certified.

It requires, among other things, a type of sand that can absorb shocks and which does not turn into a hard surface, which avoids children from getting injured.

Dana Quartz is also washed and free of all impurities, which can give children conjunctivitis etc.

Delivery can be made in bulk, 10-25 kg bags or in BigBags ranging from 500 to 1,500 kg. 


Dansk Kvarts Industri

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