Dansk Kvarts Industri A/S hs the latest technology in the area of foil bags.

We can produce foil bags of 1 kg and up to 25 kg within a very short time.
The packing in bags is fully automated with up to 1,300 bags per hour.

The bags are made hose foil –i.e. solely with welds at the top and bottom, which makes the bag very strong.

Palletising is also performed on a new and fully automatic plant with an option to choose between EUR pallets or disposable pallets and with sheet applications.

To stabilise the pallet a stretch hood is applied.

The demand for BigBags is steadily growing and we can now supply oven-dried quartz sand in BigBags from 250 kg and up to 1,500 kg.


Dansk Kvarts Industri

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